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Keeping the grounds around your property or business premises in good order is important for a variety of reasons.  Here, we take a look at some of the benefits to be had from keeping the area around your business premises well-maintained.


Judgements are made by what can be seen.  If you want to create a good impression it is important to show that you care about your surroundings. Keeping grass cut tidily, having no litter strewn around, keeping your greenery and plants in good order, maintaining flower beds and keeping pathways weed free and rubbish cleared away regularly are all part of essential grounds maintenance.

If you can’t maintain the kerb appeal of your premises, it may give customers the impression that the finer points of your business aren’t important. If you and your staff don’t have time to take care of these issues, appointing a grounds management company to manage these tasks for you could allow you to create a great impression even during busy periods.


With Health and Safety being one of the key areas in today’s society, it is especially important to ensure that any visitors to your business or property are safe and not likely to meet with an accident.

Keeping the exterior of your business premises in good order to prevent the risk of accidents or other health issues caused by unwanted waste, overgrown greenery or poorly kept footpaths is a big undertaking.

Ensuring that you have done all you can to keep others safe and being seen as responsible and proactive in dealing with grounds maintenance is important. Not only will it show you care about your staff and visitors, it will lessen the risk of someone having an accident and seeking to take action against you.

Grounds maintenance such as ensuring pathways and car park areas are free of dangerous overhanging branches and overgrown hedgerows and are safe for visitors to walk on should be one of the considerations you make as a business. You should also ensure that there is no dangerous or unsightly litter left about and rubbish is removed as swiftly as possible, keeping paths and boarders weed free. Again, this is all part of the service a good ground maintenance company can offer.


If your business looks as good outside as it does inside, then why not use it instead of having your company events held outside the business premises, at a heavy cost to you.

If your premises allow it, and maintenance is taken care of, why not hold PR events outside, use the grounds in photos and promotional work to market your business.  Make it recognisable instantly to visitors and let them be know for sure where you are.

Creating an image that you care about your business literally from the ground up will put you at the forefront when it comes to being noticed for the right reasons.

If you feel that your grounds are letting you down, why not get in touch with the team here at, and we’ll come up with a maintenance service that you’re sure to reap the benefits of.

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